Monday, December 20, 2004

Because the World Needs Another Blog

Why else would I start this? I mean, other than my wife wanting me to have an outlet-- instead of her, that is-- for my mostly obvious and highly derivative opinions and observations about life, politics, God, and college football?

Given the amount of free time I have (little), the usual degree of follow-through I bring to any task (none), and my past adventures in creative writing (abortive), this likely will be not only the first but also one of the last posts I make here. With that in mind, I will make it count by logging the following hot conversation starters, which may or may not be expanded upon in future posts:

1. Life is its own justification, explanation, and (if we are lucky) reward.

2. George Bush is a terrible president (and I am not a Democrat, "liberal," jihadist, journalist, devil worshiper, or resident of the state of Massachusetts).

3. It seems very unlikely that any of the prevalent theories on G(g)od(s)-- otherwise known as "religions"-- is 100% accurate.

4. College football does not need a playoff system.

See? Opinions! Controversial? You betcha. Staggering in scope? I like to think so. Sure to spark widespread debate and potentially violent (but ultimately therapeutic) uprisings? Well...stay tuned.


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