Friday, January 07, 2005

Your Tax Dollars at Work

So, basically, the government takes your money and then spends it on ways of convincing you to do things it wants you to do. Which is a questionable use of your cash at best-- can't we just agree in advance to whatever bullshit law they want to pass and then keep the dough? Let's cut out the middle man at least-- but when the money is spent in secret to pay professional talking heads who are supposedly expressing independent opinions, it starts getting downright creepy. Like in this case, for example, where the Bushies secretly paid one of their house pundits to get all giggly about No Child Left Behind. But you know, the guy was okay doing it because he "believed" in what he was saying...didn't believe in it so much that he would talk it up without compensation, but hell, a man has got to make a living, right?

This also reminds me again just how deftly the Bush crowd has turned the liberal "diversity" nonsense on its head. Look, it's a black man supporting the administration! We got a black Secretary of State! We nominated a Hispanic attorney general! You don't like them? What are you, RACIST or something? More on that later, and how the Democrats are truly their own worst enemies on this and so many other issues...


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